Personal Growth Philosophy

Encouraging young men to climb and conquer new challenges.

Our Philosophy

Apogee’s goal is not to coach men on what to think, but how to think. We are growing tomorrow’s leaders by helping young men understand the power of ideals. You will complete this program as a more self-motivated young man, with the tools you need to reach your ambitions. Discover the structure and tools that help us achieve this below.

Socratic Discussions


Participants will learn how to hold weekly Socratic discussions on important issues, maintaining rules of engagement in order to have a productive conversation.


Weekly Schedules

Participants create and report weekly goals to their squad leaders. They will fill in their weekly projects, discussions, workouts, challenges, reading schedule, and any personal academic work.



Finishing one book each month, participants will learn to plan out their reading goals in their module schedule and will have a weekly reading check-in conversation with their squad.



Participants will create a workout schedule with regular challenges. They will be encouraged to document their times and related numbers so they can visualize their progress.



Participants will have a project to complete every month designed to foster effective leadership and help them become more competent and self-directed.

30 Day Challenge Icon


Each month participants will tackle a character challenge that they will add into their module schedules and document either via video or with a paper that will help improve their character. 

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