Our Goal. Our Purpose.

October 11, 2020

Born Out of a Critical Need

Apogee was born out of a critical need to empower young men and boys to step up and grow through a hero’s journey, provided by Apogee Academy. Every lesson has one overlying objective: create the strong, capable leaders of tomorrow. We are an online mentoring program that seeks to teach boys to be critical thinkers who believe deeply in personal responsibility, who will strive to change the world, and never be victims of it. Using seldomly used, but critically important education tools such as mentorship and self discovery, we embrace an educational model that will teach consistent action, driven by strong character, is necessary for a meaningful life and promising future.

We look to the great leaders of the past for inspiration. As Theodore Roosevelt said in his A Letter to Boys on Manhood, “No man can be a good American unless he is a good citizen.”

We know this to be true, great leaders always rise from a foundation of accountable, purposeful citizenship. We are driven to provide those very beginnings.

The Bedrock of Our Vision  

Our model was created to reach a youth that has been lacking guidance and leadership in the school system, but not in the home. We strive to educate boys who will learn to become providers and protectors. Our online schooling is centered and prioritized around health and critical thinking, the building blocks needed to help boys propel into a life of excellence. Our vision is based upon:

  • Our influences from beginning Acton Placer and involvement with Sheepdog Response Team. We strive to take the best both of these have to offer, creating a synthesis that enables boys to see their path to leadership.
  • We utilize a servant-leadership philosophy to inspire our students to do the same. We value helping our students learn how to think, not what to think. 
  • Lastly but very importantly, Apogee Academy puts your family’s values first. We know you strive to build strong boys through your example, and we look to compliment that rather than weaken that example. Together we can do this.

Apogee Academy clearly has ambitious goals for educating. But we feel a stronger education is essential to the success of our young men and more than worthy of our energy and efforts. As Theodore Roosevelt said,  

“It is true of the Nation, as of the individual, that the greatest doer must also be a great dreamer.”

Come envision with us what your sons’ future in leadership can hold.  Sign Up Today!