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Apogee Program Overview

Through carefully thought out and tested methods, we have crafted this program to provide stability in the ever-changing landscape our young men see today. Check out the resources below alongside our 12 month outline and enroll today.

12 Month Outline

Take a look at our 12-month outline and what you will be doing on a month-to-month basis in the Apogee Mentorship Program.

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Recommended Reading

1 book per month, with a weekly reading schedule, culminating in a team conversation around takeaways.

Socratic Conversations

Weekly conversations around a topic of interest with engagement from Apogee's leadership.

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30-Day Challenges

To develop habits around morals and ethics, expose weaknesses and fears, daily disciplines, and more.

Monthly Projects

Creating tangible products and/or experiences that will help shape the future.

Carpenter Training Male Apprentice To Use Mechanized Saw

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