We Mentor Resolute, Courageous Youth in a Time of Irresolution

February 5, 2021

“Be courageous.” Powerful words frequently said to young men, but often not given with a foundation that helps these youth understand how to embody this message. To truly be courageous when the call arises young men need to have been instilled with a sense of purpose that empowers them to bring these words to life. To resolutely remain in the face of conflict and crisis and handle himself as you would expect: with the courage to confront those who challenge him and those he protects with bravery, conviction and restraint, yet the ability to defend capably should he need to.

We find inspiration in the words of President Theodore Roosevelt, who said, “The same qualities that mean success or failure to the nation as a whole, mean success or failure in men and boys individually. …To be helpless, self-indulgent, or wasteful, will turn the boy into a mighty poor kind of a man, just as the indulgence in such vices by the men of a nation means the ruin of the nation. Let the boy stand stoutly against his enemies both from without and from within, let him show courage in confronting fearlessly one set of enemies, and in controlling and mastering the others. Any boy is worth nothing if he has not got courage, courage to stand up against the forces of evil, and courage to stand up in the right path. Let him be unselfish and gentle, as well as strong and brave.”

We use these words as a compass, to ensure our program’s direction always aligns with that message. We created the Apogee Mentorship Program to address young men’s need to find their own path to bravery, strength, selflessness, duty and empowerment with the guidance of mentors that have experience and a servant-leadership philosophy, all in a comprehensive 12-month after school program or in conjunction with your current homeschool programs.

What is Courage: to Lead, to Face Dissent, to Rise Above

Society asks young men to face turbulence in their schools and its social settings, but it doesn’t equip them with the tools to navigate conflict. Put simply, youth are asked to act as sheep when the wolves arrive, as they always do. At the Apogee Mentorship Program we ask them to do the opposite, to have confidence in themselves, to know what is honorable and what is right, and to act as good citizens and future leaders in these times. We empower them to be respected sheepdogs. To guide, protect and thrive.

At Apogee, we enjoy meeting with parents to discuss where their sons are in their journey and what mentoring can add to their present and future. We want to hear words in the future like, “My parents and the Apogee Program helped me become who I am today, thank you.” And we know you too see your son’s great promise for tomorrow and look forward to hearing those words. Contact us today to learn more and enroll. New Squads forming every week!