How We Define A Citizen

November 11, 2020

What makes a great citizen in these times? Why do we find it so critical to our boys’ success and the imperative for their growth? Theodore Roosevelt was an inspirational and effective leader reaching the rank of our 26th President. He was also the devoted father to four sons. These colliding factors brought this great President to focus deeply on these questions that still ring true today more than ever. His words echo in these times, and create a narrative we feel desperately needs to be revisited. So, let us offer his insights here to demonstrate Apogee Academy’s vision for educating the young men of today to become the highly regarded leaders of tomorrow:

“The right of independence cannot be separated from the responsibility of making good use of it.”1904

At Apogee Academy we believe young men and boys gain respect for their freedoms by learning and employing those rights as they were intended to be used. We strive to teach these rights by example through mentorship and strong curriculum.

“There are many qualities which we need in order to gain success, but the three above all—for the lack of which no brilliancy and no genius can atone—are courage, honesty and common sense.”The Key to Success In Life 

We at Apogee Academy believe boys are empowered by critical thinking and self discovery, qualities only garnished by just such qualities. Courage, honesty and common sense are the basis of great citizenship and of our highest priority to instill in our students.

“Sometimes in life, both at school and afterwards, fortune will go against anyone, but if he just keeps pegging away and don’t lose his courage things always take a turn for the better in the end.”1904 in a letter to his son

Good citizenship derives from strong mentorship and guidance, from role models like Roosevelt encouraging young minds to persevere. Apogee Academy believes deeply that both of these vehicles are needed to build the leaders of tomorrow. 

Apogee Academy, Delivering An Education To Future Leaders

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