Helping Young Men Become Unassailable Sheepdogs In A World Of Sheep And Wolves

January 4, 2021

Parents of teen boys often note their sons’ growing interest in the world around them and how the matters of conflict are handled. From the school campus to video games to the social climate, these young men are forming opinions and making decisions, often split second decisions, in the heat of the moment. The teen years are a critical time when young men develop their stance on how differences should be handled, and when to step in, stand up and get involved. Their decision making is best based upon a belief system that encompasses all that Apogee stands for: bravery, citizenship, respect, providing and protecting. Our aim is to provide these young men with strong character built from our servant-leadership approach to the Apogee Mentor Program.

What Is A Sheepdog?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are great leaders. The Apogee Mentor Program has partnered with Sheepdog Response to teach young men how to be better protectors and citizens, and ultimately, successful leaders. Sheepdog Response was created to answer the dilemma of today’s society demanding citizens be simple followers, even in times of conflict, therefore breeding complacent sheep or defiant wolves. The academy instead teaches members to become skilled sheepdogs. Sheepdog Response’s program trains individuals to protect and preserve life, answering the call when it arises, as heroes who lead rather than follow. Working in tandem with the vision of Sheepdog Response’s founder Tim Kennedy, a Green Beret in the Special Forces, a sniper and former Top 5 UFC Middleweight, Apogee aims to mentor young men that are ready to defend and protect. 

Self-defense is often touted as possible through some quick classes, but to truly be able to competently defend and lead, one needs to hold a mindset and skill set that surpasses some basic lessons. As our society has become more complicated, so has what it takes to thrive. Sheepdog warriors are instilled with leadership qualities, self-development, response training and a dedication to citizenship and a strong code. The Apogee Mentor Program strives to mentor young men on how to think independently as respected leaders, not what to think as flock members. 
We’d like to explore with you how the Apogee program can add to your teen’s life skills and guide them to reach potential beyond what they have envisioned. For a small fee each month our mentor program can provide valuable and time-critical life skills to your son when they truly need it. Learn more about the program today to explore where you see your son’s future going and how we can help him get there.