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Frequently Asked Questions

Through carefully thought out and tested methods, we have crafted this program to provide stability in the ever-changing landscape our young men see today. Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions and enroll today!

What is the age range for this program?

The Apogee program is created for young men ages 12 and up. 

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the program is $99/mo, or pre-pay 12 months for $999 (Save $189!).

When are the classroom/instructor sessions usually hosted?

Live instruction is on Friday mornings from 9-12 PST. These will be recorded for those that cannot attend during a particular lesson.

Can you confirm the timezone for the socratic seminars and any other meetings or activities?

Pacific Standard Time zone.

Is it too late to start in the program for 2021?

No! There are new groups forming each month.

Is this curriculum is an alternative to public education schooling?

This program DOES NOT replace a high school education. This is a supplemental program, like any other after school activity, and does not provide young men with a high school diploma. We will however have a reward and certificate upon program completion.

As an aspiring leader in my community how can I help further your mission?

We will need boots on the ground as we grow to physical locations. Keep in touch and follow along with our progress.

Any plans to offer this program for adult men?

Adult men can participate in our partner program, Sheep Dog Response: https://sheepdogresponse.com/

Is the program interactive with peers and mentors?

Yes, we provide live (video at this time) interaction, including Socratic discussions with the whole group.

Are you going to support the boys who are speaking less conservative "talking points"?

No agenda pushed. The idea is to learn to lead, and learn to think. If you have factual, non-emotional ideas that are contrary to someone else in the program, we see it as a good thing. Conversations are not meant to be vacuums, nor are they meant to be boxing matches.

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