Define Your Mission

March 21, 2023

In a culture that seems to be full of people clamoring to do nothing, who think the definition of happiness is sitting on a beach day in and day out or playing video games, know that you are meant for more.

There’s been a growing narrative that is purveying the minds of young people that says “Humans aren’t meant to work their entire lives and then die.” So the conclusion many seem to come to is that work is inherently bad.

Those who declare and dismiss all work as “bad”, operate in life with no mission and no purpose.

To them, purpose is the ability to do whatever they want to do, eat whatever they want to eat, make whatever poor decisions they want while believing they are above the ramifications of those choices all in the name of “living life to the fullest”.

And guess what? They’re sad.

Are you supposed to just work and die? No. But does that mean that you resort to living a pathetic life devoid of real meaning? Also no.

The human brain is not hardwired to sit in front of a desk all day, but it’s also not hardwired to do nothing. If you want to live an unfulfilled life, definitely do either one of those.

A full life is defined by a mission. It’s forming valuable relationships.

It’s living in a way that is both incredibly selfish, and incredibly selfless.

Selfish because you will spend A LOT of time on yourself. Early morning workouts. Reading. Learning. Improving. Pursing and focusing on that which will refine you physically, mentally, and morally.

Selfless because that time that you spend on yourself becomes a benefit to those around you. The refinement process drives a desire to create solutions for others and a passion for making a difference.

But where you choose to make a difference, that’s completely up to you. The only way you’ll discover what mission makes you come alive is by taking action, improving yourself, finding the gap, stepping into it, and building a solution.

Define the mission. And, as one of our favorite leaders, Jocko Willink, would say: Get after it.