Apogee Academy

An online mentorship program for the young men that will grow to be tomorrow’s leaders. Watch the intro and sign up to learn more about what is coming!

An Ideal-Focused Approach For A More Powerful Education

Apogee is an online all boys school based in a philosophy that puts your family’s values first. Apogee’s mission is to shape young men into better providers and protectors with an education that prioritizes health and critical thinking.

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Through carefully thought out and tested methods, we have crafted this program to provide stability in the ever-changing landscape our young men see today. Check out the resources below alongside our 12 month outline!


We’re excited to have your family part of our community here at Apogee! Apogee is an online private mentorship program dedicated to educating young men to become successful leaders. We will need some basic information from your family in order to enroll in Apogee.

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Begin your journey today with Apogee

Apogee was founded to create the type of education our leaders would want for their own children. See how Apogee can shape the lives of your student and family. Learn more.